Professional Services

Expertise, Quality, Proximity and Availability

Professional Services

Divona meets your telecom needs with flexible and reliable solutions.

And, to support you completely upstream and downstream of the deployment of solutions, Divona offers Professional Services, for a unique proximity between your company and your Divona partner.



  • Complex environment

  • Business expertise (IT /Télécom)

  • Turnkey solution


  • Telecom Audit

  • Analysis of your needs

  • Accompaniment

Customer services

  • Technical support 24h/24, 7d/7

  • Proactive incident management

My Project

  • Identify my needs

  • Simulate your solution



We have extensive experience, and experienced teams who can help you determine the best solution for your most specific needs, whether in voice or data communications.

Our team provides consulting services to help:

  • Determination, and Planning your needs
  • Tests, evaluations, and product comparisons
  • Implementation project management

Expert advice on design, implementation and final validation
Divona offers experience in the design, deployment and integration of various communication technologies with success – VSAT satellite – Indoor / Outdoor wireless – Radio – Telephony – Security.

∎ Divona experts are able to assist you in the implementation of proposed solutions
∎ Divona experts train your teams to give them the autonomy you want
∎ Divona teams guarantee equipment maintenance by locally managing a stock of



Divona experts offer you audits of your existing services and equipment, solutions to reduce your costs, improve the quality of services and extend the benefits of your telecom solutions according to your needs.

In the ever-changing areas we serve, many companies require engineering and systems design services for their own facilities or those of their customers.

Whether in the feasibility of the project, in the analysis of its needs and design phase, or during the tests, the final inspection, and all the documentation of the system, Divona provides you with the best professional engineering service -in-class that will meet your needs in quality and time, as well as the objectives of your project in terms of budget.

Divona has extensive experience in the integration of specific satellite communication equipment, as well as unique engineering of value-added services and related products, improving the technological capabilities of basic satellite communication systems.

Customer Services


Divona provides operational support services, while respecting the levels of service required by our customers, to ensure the productivity and continuity of their operations.

Our team of highly competent professionals is committed to providing effective on-site and off-site technical support, including in challenging environments.

Our support center, and customer service:

∎ Our technical support centers are present in Algiers, Hassi Messaoud, and Adrar

∎ The Customer Support Center Divona, based in Algeria, is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

∎ The Divona NOC monitors your services and equipment, proactively detects incidents and intervenes until you explicitly accept the solution.

We are present at every stage of your project

Analysis of
your needs

An adapted



I. An accurate analysis of your needs

Understand the technical issues of your problem

Our sales representatives meet you systematically with a pre-sales engineer to analyze your needs and advise you on how to meet them

II. A solution proposal adapted to your problem

UA solution adapted to your budget, your problem and your geographical location

Divona’s neutrality and independence from technology allows us to offer a truly tailor-made solution tailored to your business needs.

III. An accompaniment throughout your project

Personalized support that adapts to the operation of your company

Throughout the deployment of our solution, you will be followed by the same project manager who will be your privileged interlocutor.

IV. Effective follow-up

Personalized support even after your project

The sales representative or account manager who accompanied you during your project continues to follow you even after.



Responsible for the development of a new oil field, the client is responsible for integrating all telecommunications needs for three sites in Algeria and one in Dubai.


A large French bank based in Algeria wanted a very high availability solution for its various Regional and Datacenter Centers in Algeria and abroad.


A large industrial company with three production plants spread over the Algerian territory and a plant in Belgium, and wants to connect all national and international sites to its data center in Oran.


A GSM operator wanted to significantly increase its capillarity in rural and steep areas.


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