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Does your current virtual private network (VPN, Virtual Private Network) cover all your offices in Algeria, all over the world? Maybe you have trouble connecting to some sites for technical or financial reasons?

Our secure access service through the Internet allows you to interconnect all your sites in Algeria, and around the world. It connects your networks to each other over the Internet, all in a cost-effective, simple and secure way.

prive-vpn-divonaInternet VPN access allows our customers in remote areas or with limited infrastructure to have access to an Internet service of the same quality as a terrestrial fiber optic network.

VPN access an unlimited permanent broadband connection offering, including the provision of public IP addresses and gives external access to some of your servers with your remote sites and your partners. Your VPN network allows you to share information and applications without worrying about their hacking or their interception by malicious people. You can also enhance the performance of your applications by using our wide range of Class of Service (CoS) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to best meet your customer's needs. business.

This access technology allows you to extend these same applications to smaller or more isolated offices that do not necessarily need to use the full functionality of a traditional VPN connection. Of course, this technology does not offer the same transfer speeds and service classes as a dedicated network. However, we have developed several features to deal with the usual problems that Internet poses.

prive-vpn-divonaOur VPN Access service is ideal for your employees, but also has significant process and outcome benefits:

  • Fast International Deployment: Quickly and easily connect your new international sites to your corporate network.
  • Resilience: Your primary sites can use an Internet VPN link as a cost-effective alternative to existing network connections.
  • Reduced Costs: VPN access is less expensive than traditional dedicated network access technologies.
  • Efficiency: Our fully managed service allows your internal IT staff to focus on your mission-critical business applications and saves them time in managing in-house "tinkering" solutions.
  • Productivity: We manage the security and connectivity of your network access 24/7, reducing downtime and disruption.
  • Simplicity of management: you benefit from a single point of contact.
  • Better Flexibility: You are free to choose the Internet Service Provider through which the VPN Hybrid connection goes

prive-vpn-divonaVPN is the most powerful and least expensive method of multi site access:

  • DVB-S2 ACM Evolution technology -1.2 or 1.8m antenna
  • 86 Mbps Reception -Allocation address IP Pub
  • 4Mbps Emission - Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 monitoring & support

Global coverage
Indeed, the relationships we have developed with local suppliers allow us to offer you fully managed and highly secure services, internationally.

Technical excellence
VPN access can also be used as a backup solution, an economical alternative to SLC MPLS 4CoS primary connections. It reinforces the resiliency of sites where availability is a critical issue, and its deployment requires the installation of one or two routers on your premises.

Based on powerful security measures, this solution guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of the data, as well as the authentication between the client site and the network.

Optimal service levels
We have a 24/7 helpdesk to help you solve problems in real time.


Interconnect all the sites between them.


A mesh network allows bidirectional communications between VSAT sites in a network, a central hub is not needed. Each site communicates with another site in a single satellite hop (Single hop).

The nature of this network design leads to minimal latency between transmission and signal reception.

As a result, mesh topologies (Mesh) are ideally suited for the following applications:

  • IP telephony
  • Video conference
  • Critical and temperature-sensitive application
  • High speed data circuits.

Divona offers a packaged and managed solution meeting quality requirements through strong contractual commitments, taking into account the specific context of each customer (urban environment, remote location, bandwidth requirement or quality of service for example).

CThis solution is fully managed, with a service delivered directly to the customer's LAN. The service incorporates elements of CoS adapted to the client's applications whatever the access technologies to the chosen networks.


  • Topology: Configuration in Full Mesh (Any-To-Any), or Half Mesh according to user needs
  • Efficient and dedicated bandwidth utilization for the transmission of integrated voice, data, video and multimedia applications
  • The network Mesh solution offers the flexibility of exchanges between all the sites of the same company.
  • Natively, the technical configuration of this solution optimizes the data transfer delays between each of the sites independently.
  • Continuity: a very flexible topology for network management and troubleshooting, the failure of a node does not disrupt the overall operation of the network
  • Private + Secure: data can only be viewed by the recipient
  • Mesh technology enables the connection and disconnection of new relays without the need for manual and tedious network configuration.
  • Symmetrical transmission between one-to-many sites, or site-to-site.
  • Eliminate traffic problems typically associated with shared links


A wide range of data speeds as well as usage

  • Full support for converged data, voices, and emptied applications
  • Capacity: up to 12 Mbps
  • Coverage: Ability to connect remotely any place anywhere in Algeria and the international
  • Saving time: Thanks to the speed of implementation of the solution.
  • High level of performance: VSAT technology guarantees a permanent and reliable connection, ensuring fast, unlimited data transmission
  • Standard equipment based on high-performance C-Band and Ku technologies for optimal performance
  • Controlled budget: with the choice of the bandwidth broadcast and reception of the VSAT offer, you completely control the budget of your liaison
  • Secure and efficient service to manage different applications
  • 24/7 customer support service A turnkey solution integrating the supervision, operation and maintenance of all equipment
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) with a high level of service
  • Deployed in fixed or mobile antenna configuration



The Divona Hybrid Network combines several access technologies, our ability to mix WiMax & VSAT architectures, enabling us to provide redundant, fully secure and private hybrid networks of companies to meet your most specific needs.

Our hybrid network solution offers a seamless service in areas not covered by telecommunication.

This allows our customers to benefit from a complete global offer and a single point of sale while benefiting from a SLA (Service Level Agreement) corresponding to your operational requirements.

With the integration of our WiMax and Vsat backbones, we can offer end-to-end, flexible, scalable and secure transmission support.

We provide this service mainly to corporate customers, want to connect their remote sites located across the national territory to their data center communication scenario (voice & data):

  • Branches -> Main Office (HQ)
  • Remote sites -> Central site (data center)


Bandwidth and scalable network speed, as well as remote site addition
Security :
Highly secure and encrypted connections
Single supplier:
A range of connectivity options, including internet access, Access to tools to easily monitor and manage your network
Cost optimization:
Reduced operating costs, An economical solution compared to a Full Mesh VSAT solution, or Full Liaison Specialized (LS)
Geographic constraint:
A homogeneous and global offer throughout the national territory
End-to-end data transport is done through the integration of our VSAT and WIMAX Backbones, VSAT to extend WiMax and vice versa
Continuity of service :
When your connection is essential to your business, the satellite is a backup solution that ensures continuity of service in case of failure


  • End-to-end managed solution regardless of access technologies
  • Bandwidth Dedicated and guaranteed, with or without internet.
  • Symmetrical or asymmetric Vsat link rate
  • Broadband wireless access technology: up to 50 Mbps
  • Hertzian Point-to-Point Beam Technology: Up to 300 Mbps
  • VSAT technology: up to 86 Mbps
  • Private secure and encrypted network
  • Allows you to use the intra-site telephony and reduce your telephone billing.
  • Class of Service (QoS), and Traffic Prioritization
  • Service availability 99.5%
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) unique, and of quality to the height of your business requirements.






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