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Backhaul GSM

Are you deploying a GSM (or CDMA) network and looking for solutions for backhauling remote areas?

How can you strengthen your mobile satellite backhaul solution?

backhaul-gsm-algerie-divonaThe combination of our services and products provides the world's leading mobile satellite backhaul solution.

Divona has been supporting telecom operators since 2005 by providing expertise, consulting, and deployment services for GSM backhaul networks, offering technology optimization solutions VSAT & Microwave for Abis and Ater links. following:

  • MSC => MSC
  • MSC => BSC
  • BSC => BTS

Our satellite modems can integrate packet processing capabilities to reduce packet overhead of the IP protocol. Our [Highlights] DoubleTalk® Carrier-to-Carrier® [/highlights] compression enables full-duplex satellite links to simultaneously transmit the bandwidth of the transponder to the same segment.

When combined with error-correcting features and modulation techniques, DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier delivers better satellite repeater performance and savings OPEX bandwidth.

backhaul-gsm-algerie-divonaOur solutions facilitate the transport and optimization of voice and data communications, and aim to provide:

  • Optimum efficiency: Low TRX numbers at the base station, high traffic networks, we strive to provide products that offer the lowest total cost of ownership
  • The test of the future: Whether 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, R99 / HSPA, LTE, small cells or HTS (High Throughput Satellite), our services will accompany your network evolutions for all the needs of backhauling and trunking
  • Quality: Through our expertise, and through our experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of Backhaul networks, you benefit from a superior service, meeting your operational and business requirements.


  • Our RAN optimization feature eliminates unnecessary information in the GSM Abis protocol, providing 50% bandwidth savings, and better gain when aggregating multiple sites, according to OPEX mobile operator preferences can be significantly reduced through the management of bandwidth traffic priorities.
  • Our WAN optimization features improve access to applications by reducing the amount of data transferred to the link via different compression and caching systems, as well as protocol acceleration reliable. Traffic Shaping has, classifies and ranks according to the different criteria.
  • Several other features are available that can enrich your solution. Our product range covers all the needs of current and future mobile backhaul networks. Put them to work today!

Backbone Connectivity & IP Trunking

Backhaul internet access for ISPs and Telco

backhaul-gsm-photo-algerie-divonaTrunk IP uses our reliable infrastructure and guarantees rapid deployment to reach customers in underserved or remote areas, combined with our satellite capabilities we offer a high level of service availability.

Whatever your location and needs, satellite is the best method of circumvention especially in areas with poor infrastructure.

Flexible, fully configurable, the satellite capacity makes it possible to reduce the costs of access to the Internet backbone, and the decongestion of the Backbone, and increases the geographic coverage, and allows the implementation of a business continuity plan (PCA).)

With the continuous advancement of SCPC technology, the costs of Internet backbone services have dropped significantly, we offer a wide range of data rates: from 64 kbps to 155 Mbps and up.

With this technology, we provide telecom operators, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), with a fully Managed Backbone for Internet traffic, VoIP voice and transit circuits, with the best quality provided by Tier1 service providers.

backhaul-gsm-photo-algerie-divonaOur VSAT solution is for those who are looking for, high capacity CIR (information throughput), cost-effectiveness, and flexible bandwidth rates.

  • Expand your network internationally - Leverage our infrastructure to complement your communications network.
  • High link quality: robust and reliable network
  • Reduce interconnection and IP transit costs
  • Backup link for redundancy
  • Vsat internet link provided with C and Ku bands
  • High capacity links and dedicated bandwidth
  • Cost-effective, scalable, and easy to deploy
  • Adequately supports value-added services such as VoIP
  • A reliable and flexible solution, scalable, simple and fast bandwidth implemented.
  • Technical support and monitoring24 / 24H and 7 / 7J


  • Provides end-to-end connectivity from a single provider, from backbone access to the customer site
  • High capacity, dedicated circuits
  • Real support for multimedia capabilities - voice, video, data
  • Dedicated or shared internet connectivity
  • Configurations (symmetrical: asymmetrical), (simplex: duplex) and can be guaranteed CIR (Commited Information rate)
  • Low Latency for Satcom
  • Guaranteed SLA, quality and availability




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