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        To be open to new issues (nomadic use, wireless connection, instant messaging, network security, etc.), any information system must ensure that the hardware or software resources of an organization are used only within the intended framework.

        While preserving the intellectual capital of its organization and the continuity of its activity, the policy and the security system put in place must also protect its head of the criminal risk related to a proven flaw in its security system.

Thanks to these partnerships with the largest companies specializing in the field of security, DIVONA offers you security solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

24/7 network security for 360 ° visibility

From threat management to IT risk prevention, network protection has become a major issue in the IT security policy. We have developed a specialized expertise based on leading technologies in the network security market.

Our teams of engineers and network technicians accompany you on the following main issues:

  • UTM Unified Threat Management (Unified Threat Management)
  • Network risk
  • Network protection
  • Firewall
  • Anti network spam
  • Network antivirus
  • Web filtering

From network security audit to protecting your data

auditThanks to our many years of experience in managing network security on different technologies, we offer UTM protection solutions to prevent and react to network security incidents. By monitoring data and network access control, DIVONA deploys network security solutions and maintains them with alerts defined and implemented following a network security audit. By deploying and operating firewalls, DIVONA ensures the safety of its customers.

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Firewalling solution

fireThanks to the firewalling solution we are deploying, we propose to manage access based on users and applications. We set up the hardware and manage the security rules. Services include Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Method (IPS). We also deploy anti-virus and anti-spam solutions and manage website access by prioritizing business applications and excluding categories of sites that are dangerous for security.

With FortiGuard Labs, antivirus, anti-spam and IDS / IPS signature databases are updated in real time.

In addition, we have additional offers such as setting up and managing VPN tunnel (virtual private network), whose data are encrypted and allow secure browsing, especially for internal exchanges.

Complementary services

securite-complementaire-divonaIn addition, we also offer FortiMail and FortiWeb services. The first solution eliminates a maximum of spam by avoiding false positives and avoiding blacklisting his company. This solution can be managed in parallel with the FortiGate thanks to a single equipment: FortiManager.

The second solution allows to protect one or more websites. In both cases, we realize the integration, we carry out the support and maintenance and we offer our Professional Services and / or Managed Services (Provisioning, Delivery, Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Reporting etc.).

In summary, with the UTM offer, DIVONA carries out a security audit, integrates the UTM solution, supervises it, manages the filtering rules and the security alerts.

24/7 network security and data integrity

Your network infrastructure will be protected 24/7 against any threat of intrusion or event that may compromise confidentiality, availability and integrity. Access is secure and controlled.

Benefits :

  • Integration of processes in change management without creating security vulnerabilities
  • Risks and cost control
  • Data integrity guarantee on the network
  • Security event traceability tools 24/7;
  • Optimal data protection against any threats on the network
  • Customized strategic consulting on architecture and technologies
  • Personalized monthly reporting.

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