An organization responsible for the safety of all

HSE in a few words


∎ HSE refers to all Hygiene, Safety and Environment measures

∎ These measures help to ensure the safety and health of those involved or potentially affected by the company’s activities

∎ A priority is to limit the negative impact of the company’s activities on the environment

Controlled security for Divona and its customers


∎ Today, a responsible company must integrate into its structure an organization dedicated to the HSE

∎ It is the guarantee for the customer to receive on its site trained stakeholders in the control of various risks and to effectively assimilate the procedures of inductions specific to its activity, and able to assess upstream and on-site those they are exposed, but also the risks they generate for the people around them

∎ It is the insurance for the client that the respect of the instructions and the prudence make it possible to avoid any material damage or bodily injury.

To preserve the environment


∎ Divona takes into account the environment, which is an essential value for a responsible company

∎ By implementing these actions, the company actively participates in sustainable development by preserving the resources of our planet for the current population and future generations

The Divona goal: Zero accident

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